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GST Software for Managing Party GSTIN and Contact Details

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Gear up to GST regime

ERachana GSTIN Manager is a simple and elegant solution to update and manage your customer and supplier database helping your business become GST compliant.

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With the implementation of the GST regime, the businesses face a herculean task of getting their customer and supplier database updated, especially the GSTIN. With business expanding beyond regional boundaries and number of contacts increasing, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep a track of these updates.

Following up with clients and suppliers alike, it consumes valuable time that could have otherwise been utilized towards generating business. Moreover, it is equally important to verify if the information collected and entered into the database is correct, else it will lead to multiple correction returns.

ERachana GSTIN Manager is a simple and elegant solution which helps you manage your customer and supplier database and saves you lot of time and effort by following up with your customers and suppliers by sending emails just with a click.

ERachana GSTIN Manager can work with your existing customer and supplier database or if you are setting up your database, it helps you collect the right information. The application comes preloaded with the list of states as GST tax calculation has different provisions for inter-state and intra-state transactions. It is important that you capture the State id along with the GSTIN of your customers and suppliers accurately as tax items like CGST, SGST, and IGST are calculated depending on State ID of Client or Supplier.

The ERachana GSTIN Manager also enables you to communicate with your customers and suppliers by setting up your email using the configuration settings. You may choose from the email templates or create your own template for correspondence.

You may ask for details using the excel template provided with the application, once you receive the filled template you can easily import the details, alternatively if you choose to receive the updates over email you can manually update the information.

The ERachana GSTIN Manager can also be used as a valuable BTL marketing tool as it allows you to send individual emails to multiple contacts simultaneously. Helps a lot in cross selling to your contacts. All you need to do is edit the template with the right marketing content.