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Library Application- Manage information in Schools and Colleges

Erachana Line

It is an enterprise resource planning of library. This application included Book registration, Member registration and Book Transactions.

It has been designed for schools, colleges, and public libraries. It is used to manage books, lectures, student’s details and transaction of book. The librarian can maintain books with different types of catalogues and  categories. This application shows the status of book, number of copies (stock), member details and also daily / weekly transactions of the books with respective reports.



  • Book, Member Management.
  • Issue and Returns of the books.
  • Purchase of Books.
  • Daily Transactions.
  • Tracking of Book.
  • Summarized Book Transaction Reports.
  • Daily stock of the books.
  • Member-wise details.
  • Excel Reports.
  • Track all operations related to books, members and others.
  • Clearance Certificates.
  • Reduce maintenance costs.

Library Application is very easy to use and gets the results instantly. This application maintains master data in software and can perform transactions on a centrally hosted database. It also supports role based access controls and provides support for data management even when data is distributed across the network with high security.