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Petty Cash - System to Manage imprest Amount Easily

Erachana Line



Petty Cash is small accounting application which is used to handle minor cash transactions in the organization or company. It is simple to use, designed to save time, prevent errors (and fraud), and produce reports suitable for easy accounting and checking. Petty Cash Manager is an easy to use software, that will allow you to keep track of your daily expenses which can be organized under different heads of Expenditure. It is very simple to use, after using the software you will notice that it is a really useful tool as it generates very informative reports easily.

Petty Cash Management is particularly effective for finance departments which need to take control of distributed cash. This application can be configured to print out vouchers so that receiving party can acknowledge the receipt of money by signing the printed paper as and when required.



  • Easy and fast deployment.
  • Voucher and Receipt Generation
  • Running balance is maintained by the system.
  • Excel export of petty cash data.
  • Different heading-wise details of different dates.
  • Low cost application.
  • High security to the data.

Petty Cash application can be manage by anyone using a computer, as it is a simple software that does not need any specialization. This can be used for office, home or personal money tracking. This is done for standalone systems with high security and gets result quickly. Reports which would facilitate to post total spending of petty cash usage regularly to ledger of your main accounting system. Some reports are generated in excel worksheets and can be freely edited, copied etc.