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Dhruval Simple Stock - Simply Manage & Track Stock

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Dhruval Simple Stock, is a Simple Inventory Management Utility, Application used to keep a track of your inventory and goods, maintain the inventory of your products, make orders and invoices. It Manages your Sales, Purchase & Store Management. It includes daily sales and purchases of the items and get the opening and closing stock of the day. You can trace the Purchase and Sales done in the Day/Month/Year.

Many businesses depend heavily on accurate calculations of stock to conduct day-to-day operations. It Tracks the physical condition and financial status of your company's equipments. It quickly provides accurate information on buying the stock as you need, at the right time, price and quantity to fulfill customer orders profitably becomes easier to control. By this application you can handle multiple company/business/items stock details in the same application.



  • Effective stock control of day-to-day business.
  • Trace Sales and Purchase of Items.
  • Simple and Summarized Reports.
  • Speed and Accurate Complex calculation of stock.
  • Easy and simple interface, customizable, full support included.
  • Multiple item/business handles in one.

Dhruval Simple Stock is primarily developed for small business setups. It lets you easily manage your outgoing and incoming stock with its stock control features.

In this application you can easily input details about the product, purchase and sales records, stock details and also generate various reports for business correspondence. It has basic options for stock entry. You can even enter multiple stock items. Simple Stock is used in manufacturing, e-commerce, retail, wholesale etc. It lets you manage and organize all the items which are in the stock list. With the help of this you can arrange stock according to the date and the category of the product.